Welcome to the Early Childhood Assessment Support (ECAS) Initiative

The Early Childhood Assessment Support (ECAS) Initiative is funded by grants awarded to the Region 4 Education Service Center by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The grant works in partnership with TEA to support early childhood initiatives in Texas as they relate to the Commissioner-approved instruments and is an expansion of the scope and services provided in the Kindergarten Assessment Support (KAS) Initiative.

From 2021 through early 2024, grant work supported local education agencies (LEAs) through the curation and funding of training sessions for Commissioner-approved early childhood instruments. These training sessions were provided for free, were grant-funded, and available for all Texas education stakeholders to access. At this time, the grant no longer provides open-enrollment, grant-funded training services to the public and is focused on providing grant services to support specific LEAs through the Strengthening Early Education through Data-Coaching (SEED) Program.

The ECAS website remains available to the public as a TEA-approved resource for materials and grant-developed asynchronous trainings that support the use of Commissioner-approved early childhood instruments. Please feel free to visit the TEA Early Learning Assessments website for additional resources.

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